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The Dragon King app is free to download. Get your free trial now!

If you decide if you want ongoing access...

We can do the hard work for you

Upload a list of your members and we can add them to your club. Recommended for clubs with more than 30 members.

You take control

Don't have a members list handy? No problem! Members can also be invited individually from within the app by you.

With Dragon King, building and balancing boats is easy

Save time, and stress less.

You club can track each crews results, so come race day you will KNOW which paddlers and configs will give you the best race time.


The cost of a club's subscription is determined by two things:
1. The number of members in your club
2. The modules you would like to access
These Basic modules are standard across all subscriptions:

Some of these modules may not be currently available, however when they are complete the app will automatically update for current users.

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NEW FEATURES - coming soon!

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