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The Comms module add on is for clubs who already have a subscription with Dragon King and would like further oversight over their team's scheduling and commincation.

The Comms add on allows you to manage your team's calendar by easily adding events, reminders and deadlines. The Comms module also allows for secure in-app messaging to indivuduals or groups, created by you, within your team. By using this add on, you will have effective, consistent communication across your team - all from your smarthone or tablet, and coming soon to your PC.

For a small annual fee you can add the Comms module to your current Dragon King BASIC subscription of up to 50 members.

ADD ON - COMMS Annual subscription up to 50 members (Coming soon)

SKU: 0007
  • The Comms subscription includes access to the Communications module, where you can:

    - Manage your team calendar

    - Set training and event reminders

    - Communicate with your team members via a secure messages service within the app

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