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The Fitness+Basic subscriptionallows you to manage your team's fitness data off the water, track their fitness tests, and know who your strongest, fittest paddlers are - all from your smarthone, tablet or PC.

For a small annual fee you can track your members fitness, build fast configs and do better than ever before!

FITNESS+BASIC Annual Subscription for 50 members (Coming soon)

SKU: 0004
  • The Fitness subscription includes access to the Fitness module, where you can:

    - Add fitness tests to your club's profile

    - View/edit fitness test results in each member's profile

    - Compare fitness test results across age/gender/race category

    The Basic subscription includes the Members, Teams, My Profile and Club Profile modules. With this membership, you can:

    - manage contact and paddling information of your members

    - add members into teams and crews

    - manage your club's profile

    - manage your own profile


    These two modules together allow you to manage your team on and off the water, determine how training regimes may affect fitness results, and determine who are the fittest members in your club, all from your smarthone, tablet or PC.

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